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"This system is for the use of authorized users only. Individuals using this e-mail system without authorization, or in excess of their authority or who are using this system to post, send, transmit or otherwise disseminate inappropriate or offensive information are subject to having their activities monitored and recorded by system personnel. In the course of monitoring individuals who are improperly using this system, or in the course of system maintenance, the activities of authorized users may also be monitored. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals illegal activity or improper activity, system personnel may provide the evidence of such monitoring to the proper authorities including but not limited to law enforcement officials."

To Log into the First Class server click the icon: Login

To download the First Class program and avoid web traffic, click here .

Under the heading "Using First Class" click on Download First Class Client, select Windows, follow Step 1, downloading the program to your desktop.

To configure the program to connect to the Diocese of Brooklyn, follow the directions handed out at the workshop.