You have attempted to log on to the First Class mail system for the Diocese of Brooklyn.

While it is possible to receive your diocesan e-mail using this method (via a web page in a browser) it is much faster and easier to download and install the First Class program directly onto your computer.

To download the program, go to and click on the Windows link.

On the page that then pops up, click on the link under Step One that reads “click here”

What happens next will depend on your computer.

Essentially, you want to save the program to your computer’s desktop. Usually, that means clicking on the Save button then indicating that you’d like the file saved to the Desktop of your computer.

Once the program has finished downloading, you will have a new icon on your desktop. It will be grey and have a small graphic on it. The name will be FC7100US. Close your browser but remain connected to the Internet.

Double click on this icon to begin the installation process. As the process begins you will accept all of the defaults (just keep clicking the Next, Yes, or Finish buttons).

When you finish, it will put a second new on your desktop. This one will be white with a gold star andthe name will be First Class.

Click on the new First Class icon, click on the set up button on the right side. In the Set Up screen enter ONLY the following information: your user ID, your password and in the box labeled Server (about ½ way down the page) enter Click the save button.

This will return you to the Login window. You will see that your password now appears to be very long. Don’t worry, the system has encrypted your password for you.

Click the Log In button and you should be in.

You may now delete the FC8326US icon.

In the future, you only need to connect to the Internet, double click on the First Class icon on your desktop and then click the Log In button.

If you really want to continue to use the web browser to log in, CLICK HERE.